Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong

Stonecutters-02-Dissing Weitling-Architects

Image Credit: COWI, Dissing + Weitling Architects

Project Data:


Highways Department Hong Kong


Hong Kong, China

Service Dates:



Conceptual design (Design competition winner)

Design Team:

Concept: COWI (Flint & Neill), Dissing + Weitling Architects, Halcrow and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute

Project Description:

At the time of its conception, this was destined to be the longest cable stayed bridge in the world with a span of 1018 metres. The bridge crosses the entrance to the Rambler Channel in Hong Kong, one of the busiest waterways in the world, and features a twin spine steel box girder deck with an aerodynamically streamlined soffit. The concrete and steel single leg towers rise to a height of 290 metres and form a gateway to the city, providing a striking new landmark on the well-known Hong Kong skyline in both day and night time views.

The site is susceptible to strong typhoon winds, and the aerodynamic behaviour was a major factor in the development of the twin deck design solution, particularly considering the stability of the long cantilevers during construction.

The design was the winner in an international design competition in 2000, and the bridge opened to traffic in December 2009. Detailed design was undertaken by COWI as part of a team led by Arup.

Stonecutters-01-Dissing Weitling-Architects

Image Credit: COWI, Dissing + Weitling Architects


Photo Credit: COWI


Image Credit: COWI

Note: The design of this project was carried out while working with COWI (previously Flint & Neill) and it is illustrated here with permission.