Compiègne Bridge, France


Photo Credit: Explorations Architecture

Project Data:


City of Compiègne


River Oise in Compiègne, France

Service Dates:

2008 - 2011


Conceptual design, detailed design, construction support

Design Team:

COWI (Flint & Neill), Explorations Architecture, Terrell, Agence Ter


Demathieu & Bard, Victor Buyck

Project Description:

An award-winning steel highway bridge carrying a 3-lane highway and two cycle / footways over the river Oise, delivered as part of an important re-development scheme involving urban and landscape design of the surrounding areas.

Two slender arches support the main span, with a shallow profile that minimises the overall height of the structure and avoids excessive visual intrusion in the semi-urban landscape. The side span is supported by underslung catenaries as an extension of the arch profile to form a continuous and fluid S-shape in elevation. Wide cantilevers support the footways on each side to create a generous viewing platform from which to enjoy views of the river. The twin longitudinal box girders act as ties to the arches and struts to the catenaries, and separate the footways from the carriageway, thus improving safety for pedestrians using the bridge. Flat plate hangers provide lateral stability to the arches and create a unique aesthetic appeal.

The winner in an international design competition in 2008, the bridge opened in September 2011.


Photo Credit: Explorations Architecture


Photo Credit: Explorations Architecture


Photo Credit: Explorations Architecture


Photo Credit: Explorations Architecture

Note: The design of this project was carried out while working with COWI (previously Flint & Neill) and it is illustrated here with permission.